Rush: 'Limelight' Art Print

Our ‘Limelight’ art print captures the themes of Canadian superband Rush's 1981 hit song, Limelight. Neil Peart wrote the song during a time when the band’s stardom was taking off. He describes the challenges of fame with lyrics like “Living in a fisheye lens, Caught in the camera eye” and struggling to stay in touch with reality “Beyond the gilded cage”.

The inspiration behind our 'Limelight' art print

Our 'Limelight' art print was inspired by the song’s lyrical themes and the band's brand. The concept spins around creating a paradox between bygone eras and modern times. Vinyl LPs were the primary medium during Rush’s rise to fame. When we saw this antique drawing of the solar system, the orbital rings immediately inspired the idea of grooves on an LP. The illustration also brought to mind recurring celestial themes found in Rush’s music. The center of the print features an antique illustration of an eye which references the 'fish eye' and 'camera eye' lyrics on a red disk meant to emulate the circular label on the center of an LP. An illustration of a gilded cage floats in the outer reaches of the solar system. The vinyl LP concept is completed by the inclusion of an illustrated record player tonearm.

If you're a Rush fan, a fan of classic rock music, or a fan of eclectic art, this print will make a great addition to your man cave or home decor.

Design Features
  • Modified 1850 Asa Smith illustration of the solar system backdrop
  • Design elements such as a record player tonearm, gilded cage, antique drawing of an eye and LP graphics

Museum quality prints

  • Individually printed on heavy photo paper using a 9-colour ink process
  • Museum quality (Giclée) inks and paper won’t fade or yellow for at least 200 years

Ready to hang

  • Dry mounted on acid-free foam core stops warping or discolouration
  • Gallery-style, solid hardwood, 100% Canadian-made frames
  • Thick acrylic is as clear as glass yet won't break during shipping
  • Hanging hardware installed—ready to hang out of the box

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