Lyric-inspired Art Print: Bobcaygeon

Our 'Bobcaygeon' art print offers a simple, visual interpretation of the Tragically Hip's classic 1999 rock anthem. Some say the tune is about combatting intolerance, racism and conflicted emotions. The Hip reference the town of Bobcaygeon as a metaphor to reconciling the all of these. The night skies over the rural Kawartha Lakes town offer clarity away from Toronto's turmoil and bright lights.

The inspiration behind our 'Bobcaygeon' Art print

The town of Bobcaygeon and the Tragically Hip hold a special place in my heart. I grew up in the area traveling around the backroads, lakes, and rivers in the area. I'm also a longtime fan of the Hip and believe very strongly in fighting intolerance and racism. This art print evolved from these influences. The use of the compass is a nod to elements of the Phantom Power album cover graphics. The red compass arrow points northeast, a reference to Bobcaygeon's location in relation to Toronto and its colour signifies the tunes inflamed emotions. The design is set against the calm stars of the Milky Way Galaxy and features Ursa Minor (The Little Dipper) constellation anchored to the north, surrounded by simple typographic styling highlighting keywords in the song's lyrics.

This art print makes a great addition to any Tragically Hip fan's collection or any art lover that appreciates musically-inspired artwork for their home decor.

Design Features
  • Illustrated compass placed or the Milky Way Galaxy oriented to True North
  • The constellation Ursa Minor (Little Dipper) oriented to magnetic north with the tail—the North Star (Polaris)—located on magnetic north
  • Simple, minimalist typographic design that will stand the test of time

Museum quality prints

  • Individually printed on heavy photo paper using a 9-colour ink process
  • Museum quality inks and paper (Giclée) won’t fade or yellow for at least 200 years

Ready to hang

  • Dry mounted on acid-free foam core stops warping or discolouration
  • Gallery-style, solid hardwood, 100% Canadian-made frames
  • Thick acrylic is as clear as glass yet won't break during shipping
  • Hanging hardware installed—ready to hang out of the box

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