Guaranteed Quality!

Packaging care

Every ManMade Art for Guys print leaves our studio in armour-clad packaging to ensure it arrives in the same condition it left. We care about our environmental footprint too. That's why we use 100% recycled paper products that are also 100% recyclable.

Take a minute and watch as Doug at ManMade Art puts a new spin on the concept of the un-boxing video.


Our promise of quality 

Every art piece in our collection has been fine-tuned and tested to ensure the colours and details meet or exceed our creative intent and your expectations. Every print is also personally inspected prior to shipping to ensure there is no damage or printing defects. We will not ship prints we would not hang on our own wallsThat's the ManMade Art guarantee of quality!

Material qualities of all ManMade Art prints

Our prints feature high resolution, detailed images. We use only high quality, archival materials with UV protected inks to reproduce all our prints. We have carefully selected satin photo paper for our standard print orders because it reduces glare and promises the best reproduction of our finely-detailed artwork. Custom orders are also available on gloss, canvas or other materials by special order.

 Base Coating Colour Colour Range Water Resistance** Lamination Properties
Heavy 9 mil Base
High Quality Resin
Neutral White
Millions of Colours
Medium Excellent


Print Appearance Compared to Website Appearance

Please note if you view our prints on several different computers, tablets or phones, they will look slightly different on each one. Monitor quality, manufacturing and calibration differences cause colour and contrast shifts beyond our control. We cannot guarantee what you view online and what you receive will appear exactly the same. Rest assured, every print has been tested to ensure they meet our rigid quality requirements and we will not ship you a print that we do not approve of ourself.  

* Satin papers. Thicknesses vary for other materials such as canvas.

** Inks are resistant to clean water spills. However, inks are not smudge resistant. Attempts to rub off spills will damage the inks and paper surface. Allow to water spills to air dry.