1960s Volkswagen 'Peace Beetle' Art Print

Our 1960s Volkswagen 'Peace Beetle' art print celebrates one of the most recognizable cars of the 20th century. The originating concept behind Volkswagen (German for 'the people's car'), was to build a car affordable and practical enough for common people to own. The first 'bugs' were designed and developed in the 1930s by the Porche company. Post-WWII, production took off and the design remained largely unchanged until production was halted in 2003.

The Inspiration behind our 1960s Volkswagen 'Peace Beetle' Art Print

Over 23 million Beetle's were produced over a 65 year period. Production peaked in the 1960s and the car became somewhat synonymous with the hippie and peace movements of the time. The model featured in this print, minus the big peace symbol, is a replica of my sister's first car. I'll always remember the unique sound of its air-cooled engine purring up the driveway.

If you're a classic car buff fan or simply a fan of retro-inspired art, this print, along with others in our eclectic cars series will make a great addition to your collection.

Design Features
  • Photo illustration of a 1960s Volkswagen Beetle

Museum quality prints

  • Individually printed on heavy photo paper using a 9-colour ink process
  • Museum quality inks and paper (Giclée) won’t fade or yellow for at least 200 years

Ready to hang

  • Dry mounted on acid-free foam core stops warping or discolouration
  • Gallery-style, solid hardwood, 100% Canadian-made frames
  • Thick acrylic is as clear as glass yet won't break during shipping
  • Hanging hardware installed—ready to hang out of the box

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