Canada 1972 Summit Series Hockey Art Print

Our Canada 1972 Summit Series art print makes the perfect addition to any hockey fan's collection that appreciates the game's history. It will appeal to anyone old enough to remember, or anyone that has heard stories of, the epic series between Canada and the former USSR. Hockey was fundamentally changed by the end of the eight-game series between the two country's national teams. Canada's team roster read like a roll call at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Legends were cemented by players like Bobby Clarke, Phil Esposito, and goalie Ken Dryden that squared off against his match in the other net— the great Vladislav Tretiak.

Canadians were glued to their television sets during the month of September. School children were taken from class and assembled in gymnasiums to watch games that were played in Russia. There was no question that the NHL, and Canadian hockey fans, would never be the same again. On September 28, 1972 Paul Henderson scored the winning goal at 19:26 of the third period to win the series for Canada. It was a defining moment in Canadian hockey history and few sporting events before or since have had the same nation building impact as that series. Decades later we are still in awe over the stories surrounding the series.

The inspiration behind our Canada 1972 Summit Series art print

Our 1972 Summit Series special edition art print was created to commemorate the series, the team, the country those players fought to represent, and the iconic jersey they wore.

Design Features
  • Heritage-inspired design featuring the 1972 Team Canada jersey
  • Authentic 1837 map of Canada background
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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