New York Rangers-Inspired Original Six Hockey Art Print

Our New York Rangers-Inspired hockey art print reflects the storied history of one of the NHL's Original Six legendary teams. The NHL awarded a hockey franchise to Madison Square Garden owner G.I. “Tex” Rickard in 1926. Rickard already owned another NHL team—the popular New York Americans. He saw the opportunity to add a second team to play in the Gardens and convinced Conn Smythe to leave Toronto and scour North America for the best undiscovered talent. Soon the Rangers surpassed the Americans in popularity and became New York's sole team.

The first team crest was a horse sketched in blue carrying a cowboy waving a hockey stick aloft, before being changed to the familiar RANGERS diagonally across their chest. They earned the nickname "The Broadway Blueshirts" on December 13, 1929 when they became the first team in the NHL to travel by plane for a game in Toronto.

The inspiration behind our New York Rangers Original Six art print

The design of our New York Rangers Original Six hockey art print series was inspired by the work of the great depression era graphic designer Lester Beall. His work became popular across North America at the same time as the rise of the newly formed NHL. Each Original Six poster draws on the team's history, blending historical elements with iconic players of the time like the legendary Hall of Fame 'Bread Line' of Bill Cook, Frank Boucher & Fred “Bun” Cook.

This unique art print is ideal for framing and makes a great addition to any Rangers, or NHL sport art enthusiast's collection.

Design Features
  • Striking design inspired by famous designer Lester Beall
  • Photo-illustration of original New York Rangers hall of famers Bill Cook, Frank Boucher & Fred “Bun” Cook known as the ”Bread Line”
  • Photo-illustration of the Statue of Liberty
  • Designed with the team's heritage colours
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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