Vintage Fly Fishing Flies Art Print

Our 'Vintage Fly Fishing Flies' art print features six lures made by O. Mustad & Sön. The Olso, Norway manufacturer that has been making fishing tackle and accessories since 1877 and the selection featured on our art print date to the 1950s.

The inspiration behind our Vintage Fly Fishing Flies art print

Not long ago a good friend was rummaging through his garage and brought out collection of well used fishing gear. As we began to sort through the collection together an immaculate set of vintage O. Mustad & Sön flies stood out. We were drawn to the craftsmanship of the flies as well as the simple utilitarian packaging. Before long we were photographing the set and converting what the lens captured into an art print ideal for any angler or art lover.

Design Features
  • Photograph of a selection of six O. Mustad & Sön fly fishing lures dating to the 1950s
  • Printed on high quality, archival grade matte photo paper for the sharpest resolution

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