'Brewers Retail' Stubby Beer Bottle Art Print

1927 ushered in the end of prohibition in Ontario and with it competition for the bootleggers that made their fortune selling beer and spirits on the black market. The Ontario government simultaneously opened Brewers Retail to sell beer directly to thirsty drinkers across Ontario.

The inspiration behind our 'Brewers Retail' Stubby Beer Bottle Art Print

Before it was renamed the Beer Store as it is today, the Brewers Retail logo brought in during the 1970s was a beacon for thirsty beer lovers. Call it coincidence, but that just happened to be the era when I was old enough to pick up a two-four of those fat frosty friends on a Friday night. This design not only appeals to my love of beer but brings back memories of another time when the quirky Canadian bottle reigned supreme.

Design Features
  • Inspired by the 1970s Brewers Retail logo design
  • Printed on high quality, archival grade matte photo paper for the sharpest resolution

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