Daniel Alfredsson Commemorative Art Print: "Alfie!"

Our "Alfie!" art print captures the love affair Ottawa Senator Fans had with their longest standing captain—number 11, Daniel Alfredsson. This commemorative print is one of three commissioned by the Ottawa Senators for the occassion of his jersey retirement ceremony at home on December 29, 2016 vs. the Detroit Red Wings.

The inspiration behind our Daniel Alfredsson "Alfie!" Art Print

The famous “Alfie! Alfie!...” chant filled the Senator's arena for many years. Rarely, however, was it as loud as the night of December 4, 2014 when Daniel Alfredsson returned home to close out his 17 year playing career and officially retire as an Ottawa Senator. The focal point of the print is an illustration of Alfie skating a final lap as fans loudly chant his nickname. His pose captures his humble response. The simple typography of the thunderous "Alfie!" chant fades to black symbolizing the end of an era for the team and the fans.

This unique art print is ideal for framing and makes a great addition to any Sens, or NHL sport art enthusiast's collection.

Design Features
  • Illustration of Daniel Alfredsson on his retirement night
  • Text treatment of the famous "Alfie!, Alfie!..." chant
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper
This art print conveniently fits some Ikea frames

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