Donald Trump: ‘Make America Great Again’ Art Print

Who could forget the cheap, red hat perched awkwardly on Donald Trump’s head, messy up his famous comb-over during the 2016 US Presidential Campaign? Not me. After the election, it got me to thinking—what does ‘Make America Great Again’ really mean? Did Americans really want to go back to a time of segregation, homophobia, pre-feminism, pre-Medicare or social assistance? Or, were they doing what we all do, looking back at their past through rose-coloured glasses, thinking “If we they only go back in time, things would be better.”

The inspiration behind our ‘Make America Great Again’ Art print

Amongst all the anger an acrimony surrounding Trump, I needed to find a way to express some humour, while injecting an undercurrent of my personal views. To me, the expression is code to overturn the civil rights victories people fought and bled for during the 1950s, 60s and beyond. The faded colours create the look of an old photo. Post-election, I imagined Mr. Trump smugly revelling in early morning hours of election night, marvelling over how he’d pulled one over on the everyone. I imagined him sitting in his bath robe as he famously likes to do, ready to bring back the ‘good old days’ and telling those around him how beautiful it was going to be.

Design Features
  • Humorous photo-illustration of Donald Trump wearing his famous campaign slogan hat and wearing a bathrobe
  • Printed on high quality, archival grade matte photo paper for the sharpest resolution
Available also as a set of postcard-sized prints

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