Lyric-inspired Art Print: My Name Is...

Our lyric-inspired 'My Name Is...' art print offers a take on one of the 90s biggest rap hits by Eminem. While the song's video comes of quirky and light, the backstory is actually a little dark and sad. Some of the song's lyrics suggest his mom Debbie was a drug addict throughout his childhood. The song was damaging to their relationship and it took years since reconcile their relationship.

The inspiration behind our 'My Name Is...' art print

As with many of my pieces, this one brings together a lot of influences. I have eclectic tastes in art and music and have always influenced by underground culture. I've always thought this tune was clever, but it wasn't until I had read some of the backstories that I started to see the dark undertones lurking beneath the tongue-in-cheek exterior. 

This piece brings together a lot of influences by incorporating graffiti tag-style typography with a photo I took down on Vancouver's lower east side. I found one of those 'Hello, My Name Is' stickers on an old warehouse door and it immediately got me thinking of the song. My choice of the hard-to-read font treatment was directly influenced by the idea that having to dig deep into lyrics to discover the true undercurrent.

This art print is a great addition to any Eminem fan's art collection or anyone that that appreciates eclectic, urban-inspired pieces.

Design Features
  • An eclectic take on Eminem's hit song
  • Grafitti styled typography combined with photography
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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