Ottawa RedBlacks Grey Cup 2016 Championship Football Art Print

Our Ottawa RedBlacks Grey Cup 2016 Championship art print was created to honour the team's win in just thier 3rd season after returning to the CFL in 2014. In one of the craziest Cup finishes in history, the RedBlacks defeated the heavy favourites, Calgary, in a dramatic overtime finish. This print is a great collector piece for any Ottawa football fan that waited 40 years for Ottawa to return to football glory and bring home another Grey cup. 

The Inspiration behind our Ottawa RedBlacks Grey Cup 2016 Championship art print

Our 'Ottawa RedBlacks Grey Cup 2016 Championship Art Print' celebrates the return to glory of one of the CFL's oldest pro football cities. Ottawa's football fans rank amongst the CFL's most loyal and have stood by thier teams through thick and thin. To be rewarded with the 104th Grey Cup win in just their 3rd season back in the league is a great achievement. This print features the Grey Cup against a pair of axes—with red and black heads of course—overlaid against a large, red plaid sawmill blade. These design elements speak directly to the team's connection with Ottawa's lumber industry past.

Design Features
  • Heritage inspired design representing the Ottawa RedBlacks CFL football team
  • Team-inspired red and black axes on a plaid style sawmill blade
  • Designed with official team colours
  • Makes a great companion piece to our Ottawa Redblacks-inspired helment design
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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