Peanut Butter Art Print: Crunchy Version

Our Peanut Butter art print, Crunchy version, celebrates a little-known Canadian fact. Montréal chemist Marcellus Gilmore Edson originally patented a creamy peanut paste in 1884 that had the consistency of butter. He came up with his brilliant idea because he saw a common problem that needed a solution—many people of the day were toothless or near toothless and couldn't safely chew their food, particularly proteins like meat. Peanut butter, as it became known, was an ideal substitute. Today it remains a hugely popular food and kids young an old divide along lines between their allegiance to crunchy or creamy.

The Inspiration behind our Peanut Butter Art Print

As a kid growing up before the era of common peanut allergies, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were like a food group to me. As an adult, my love vintage artwork and typography comes through in much of my work. I love the hand drawn type and simple bold colours. So I couldn't resist blending my two loves into this bold, fun piece of art. This design would make a great addition to any funky kitchen design or modern home decor.

Design Features
  • Photo illustration of a vintage peanut butter tin and typography
  • Available in crunchy or creamy version

Museum quality prints

  • Individually printed on heavy photo paper using a 9-colour ink process
  • Museum quality (Giclée) inks and paper won’t fade or yellow for at least 200 years

Ready to hang

  • Dry mounted on acid-free foam core stops warping or discolouration
  • Gallery-style, solid hardwood, 100% Canadian-made frames
  • Thick acrylic is as clear as glass yet won't break during shipping
  • Hanging hardware installed—ready to hang out of the box

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