Postcard Prints: The Trump Collection

If you love political humour, we think you'll love our Trump series. This set of 4 postcard-sized prints focuses on popular themes surrounding candidate and now president Trump: the controversies around his alleged Russian ties; his penchant for gold and equally colourful language; his 140 character Twitter personality; and of course, his insistence of the 'fake news' that once was his friend has now become his enemy.

Order these and frame them. Or order them and send them to your friends via good old fashion snail mail.

Design features:
  • Each art print in the set of 4 measures 7" x 5"
  • Digitally printed on high quality, acid-free coated card stock
  • Ideal for framing individually or in a grouping
Postcard-sized art prints sold in sets of 4

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