Sopwith Ship Camel Art Print

Our Sopwith Ship Camel art print features one of the most successful single-seater British fighter biplane used by the Royal Naval Air Service and the RAF during WWI. Designed for shipboard deployment, it was designed with a fuselage that could be easily separated in two. The name “Camel” was derived from the hump-shaped cover over the machine guns. In order to combat Zeppelins, 2F.1 Camels were flown from barges towed behind destroyers, from platforms on the gun turrets of larger ships as well as from early aircraft carriers.

The inspiration behind our Sopwith Ship Camel Art Print

As a longtime aviation buff, I continually marvel at the ingenuity and courage of early aviators. As I walked around this aircraft on display at Canada's Aviation and Space Museum, I could help but imagine what it was like for a pilot to go to war in such a delicate flying machine. My camera angel attempts to capture the intricacy and fragile nature of the construction.

    Our Sopwith Ship Camel art print makes the perfect addition to any aviation history buff's art collection or collectors of vintage-inspired modern art decor. 

    Design Features
    • Photo illustration of the Sopwith Ship Camel biplane
    • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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