Table Hockey Invention Art Print

Table hockey was invented in 1932 by Torontonian Donald H. Munro Sr. Christmas was coming and the depression was raging. Like many during this period, money was tight for Munro. So with the help of his wife and three kids, they gathered together scraps of wood and wire and built a table top game that looked more like a pinball game in the beginning than wha millions of kids have come to know as a table hockey game. He later took the game into the Eaton's department store in Toronto where it became an instant hit and the rest is history.

The Inspiration Behind our Table Hockey Invention Art Print

Like millions of kids in Canada and around the world, I grew up with a table hockey game. The tournaments between my brothers, cousins and friends were legendary and often heated. Hockey was a game we played on the ice and lived in miniature at home. Every table game we played was to win the Stanley Cup in our minds. It was only natural that some day I was going to immortalize the game in some way. So here it is... a table hockey print featuring a photo-illustration of a replica of the model that took a beating for hours in our home.

Design Features
  • Photo-illustration of a 1970s era table hockey game
  • Available in several colours
  • Printed on high quality, archival grade matte photo paper for the sharpest resolution

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