The 'Ski-Doo' Art Print

The first 'Ski-Doo' or snow sled was invented by J. A. Bombardier of Montréal in 1959. The forerunner of all modern sleds was originally named the 'Ski-Dog' (a reference to sled dogs). But an accidental typo at the printers changed the name to Ski-Doo. Bombardier liked the mistake so much he decided to stick with it.

The 'Ski-Doo' art prints reflect our memories of hours of sledding down winter trails. It takes us back to long, cold winter days, hauling wood for the wood stove, or travelling across country roads and trails to meet friends. 

Design Features
  • Design features an illustration of the 1961 model of the Ski-Doo
  • Available on different coloured backgrounds
  • Printed on high quality, archival grade matte photo paper for the sharpest resolution  

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