‘This is Going to be Huge’ Art Print

The larger-than-life personality of Donald Trump has been well documented but his colourful use of adjectives to describe everything from his policies to the size of his inaugural crowd are what sets him apart from most narcissists. 'Beautiful', 'amazing', 'tremendous', 'terrific', and of course, 'huge' are certainly among his top 5 choice words he like to tack on to most phrases.

The inspiration behind our ‘This is Going to be Huge’ Art print

I couldn’t help but think there had to be a humorous connection made between how Trump describes his presidency and himself. His penchant for over-the-top language and golden opulence were my inspiration points. Donald appears dressed head to toe in a shiny gold suit. His heavily bronzed complexion makes the perfect accessory to the absurd attire. The irony of his initials and his obsession with celebrity were not lost on me. And, since he fancies himself friends with the likes of Kanye West and likes to constantly remind everyone that he's 'very rich', a 'yuge' gold medallion with the initials 'DJT' hangs around his neck.

Design Features
  • Humorous photo-illustration of Donald Trump wearing a gold suit and large medallion
  • Printed on high quality, archival grade matte photo paper for the sharpest resolution
Available also as a set of postcard-sized prints

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