'Vintage 1950s Beer Fridge' Art Print

Refrigerators from the 1950s were like the cars of the era—big, heavy, and to some, stylish. Manufacturers went out of their way to sculpt curves and design chrome details. Colour was king and the fridge was a modern convenience that was a prized focal point of the kitchen. Today the fridge has evolved to a sleek, functional form in the kitchen, but in the man cave it holds a place of honour.

Every man cave deserves a great beer fridge. If you don't have a reconditioned beauty from the 1950s, the next best thing is our 'Vintage Beer Fridge' art poster styled after a 1952 GE.

Design Features
  • Vintage 1950s Beer Fridge art poster styled after a 1952 GE refrigerator
  • Custom typography chrome label
  • Available in several vintage colours
  • Printed on high quality materials for lasting colour

Order your print framed

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