Vintage 1970s Burton Snowboard Art Print

Back in 1977 when Jake Burton got inspired by the 'snurfer', a large, single board invented by Sherman Poppen that looked more like a small surfboard than a ski, he no doubt couldn't have imagined how his modified design would launch a multi-billion dollar sport snowboarding industry. This art print features one of his early prototypes from the late 1970s; a solid wood beast with, believe it or not, a hand rope to help riders stay upright—kind of like training wheels for boarders.

The inspiration behind our 'Vintage 1970s Burton Snowboard' Art Print

My kids grew up riding the single plank. They were pretty fortunate to learn on the vastly improved technology introduced by Burton, and many other companies over the years. I can't—and no doubt they can't either—imagine learning to ride on these early boards. But you gotta love the imagination and craftsmanship that went into the early editions like this one.

If you love snowboarding and the history behind it, or just love anything vintage, this piece is for you. It makes a great addition to any cottage or home decor.

Design Features
  • Photo illustration of a vintage, 1970s wooden Burton snowboard prototype
  • Simple, minimalist design that will stand the test of time
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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