Vintage CBC Stubby Beer Bottle Art Print

The CBC News Service formally went on air in January of 1941. As the national broadcaster, aside from bringing the news of the war overseas into the homes of Canadians, they also aired special events like Winston Churchill's WWII speech from the House of Commons in Ottawa. By the late 1940s, television was on the horizon and the CBC launched its 15-year plan to develop a television network across Canada.

The inspiration behind our Vintage CBC Stubby Beer Bottle Art Print

Our 'Vintage CBC Stubby' art print features the original CBC logo from the 1940s. It's featured on our old, fat, stubby friend. Like the CBC, the stubby was an instant hit with Canadians. It was also very practical too, chilling quickly as well as being easy to stack and ship. Sadly, the stubby was replaced with American-style long neck bottles to create wider market appeal but the CBC remains as a Canadian institution.

Our 'Vintage CBC Stubby Beer Bottle' art print appeals to our love of beer and brings back memories of the early years of the CBC and when the quirky Canadian bottle reigned supreme.

Design Features
  • Inspired by the original CBC logo from the 1940s
  • Printed on high quality, archival grade matte photo paper for the sharpest resolution

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