Vintage Milk Truck Art Print

Our Vintage Milk Truck art print honours the tradition of small, local, family-owned dairies that once dotted the rural countryside. Before 'big dairy' took over in the later part of the 20th century, thousands of proprietors processed and delivered cold, farm-fresh milk direct to homes and confectioneries across Canada and North America. They may have even rolled up in a truck like this 1960s era Grumman Olsen Chevy step van. 

The Inspiration behind our Vintage Milk Truck Art Print

As a kid growing up in rural Reaboro, Ontario, I lived on one of the thousands of family dairy farms across the province that produced milk for their local dairy. The sign at the end of our long, maple tree-lined laneway read 'MapleJay Farms'. The 'Jay' was a nod to our last name and the Blue Jays that frequented the farm. They'd chirp at me as I sat in the shade under those century-old maples on hot summer afternoons. Although my parents didn't actually own and operate a dairy, if we had, I imagine we might have rolled in an old Chevy step van like this. This print is for you Mom and Dad.

If you're into history or simply a fan of retro-inspired art, this print, along with others in our eclectic series, will make a great addition to your collection.  

Design Features
  • Photo illustration of a 1960s era Grumman Olsen Chevy step van milk truck
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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