'What's Your Flavour' Ice Cream Cone Art Print

Our 'What's Your Flavour' ice cream cone art print should make you head straight to your favourite ice cream shop. Whether it's a hot, sunny, summer day or the depths of winter, who can resist the mouthwatering goodness of a delicious ice cream cone? The next time you order your favourite flavour, resist the urge to dig in. Take a moment and give it a long, luscious look and marvel in the culinary work of art you've just been handed.  

The Inspiration behind our Ice Cream Cone Art Print

Ice cream truly is a mouthwatering work of art. You name it, ice cream shops have come up creative flavours that capture your imagination and trigger your appetite. We all have our favourite, but sometimes you just can't decide. That was the inspiration behind this piece. Often I'll get up to the counter and I just can't decide. In the end, I always seem to revert to one of the old standards of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, strawberry or mint.

Our vintage-style ice cream cone print appeals to anyone with taste buds. Or, if you're an art collector looking for the perfect piece for your kitchen or home decor, this is it.

Design Features
  • Vintage style photo illustration of chocolate, vanilla/caramel, strawberry/vanilla, and mint ice cream cones
  • Simple, minimalist design available in four flavours
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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