About Us

The ManMade Art Story 

I've been an artist all my life. As a kid I'd spend hours with my grandmother painting in oils or drawing in pencil. I loved to play hockey and other sports too but I also enjoyed spending hours on my own exploring the outdoors or doodling an eclectic mix of cartoons, architectural drawings or still life—anything that inspired me. Professionally I've worked as a cartographer drawing maps, as a graphic designer and professional photographer. Through it all I've always been inspired by geometric forms, composition and the imagination of industrial designers behind the objects and items of everyday life.

My art is a mix of all my interests and influences—sports, culture, aviation, geography, music, cottaging, heritage and quirky or little known inventions. I've always been a collector of wide range of things from all genres, and the simple, unpretentious nature of my pieces are often inspired by vintage items, photographs, maps, etc. I've accumulated or captured in photos over the years.  

What's in a name?

I regularly get asked, "Where did the name ManMade Art come from?" I've always been inspired and amazed by the products of human ingenuity and creativity. Nature figures into my work too, but for the most part, my work focuses on the fabulously successful (or epic fails) of industrial designers, inventors, and visionaries. 

Our name is a nod to their collective imagination and products of their blood, sweat and tears. 'Manmade' is the word most people use in conversation when they talk about anything created by the human imagination. Some said it was a risk when I chose the name. Many remarkable women have made huge contributions to society, science and design. Fortunately, people quickly connect the purpose of our name and see past gender when they study my work. They understand the 'art' connection as they consider each piece's aesthetic or intent. And when a smile crosses their face or they're taken back to a fond memory, that seals the deal.

Giving Back Matters

As a child growing up, my family often struggled to make ends meet but my parents taught us through their actions that regardless of your situation, there's always something you can do for your community. In my adult life as a father, husband, and neighbour I've learned from their example and donated my time, talent and experience as a volunteer in my community or contributing my talents to important causes. I invite you to learn more about our philosophy of giving back by reading our ManMade Fund story.