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Shipping Information

Do you ship outside North America?
How long will my order take?
My order arrived damaged. What do I do?

Print Quality & Materials

How do your print and frame sizes work?
What types of paper and inks do you use?
How long will my prints last?
Are your prints waterproof?
Do you do custom orders?
Do you print on canvas?
I want my print in a different size. Can you do that?
What are your frames made of?
How are my framed selections protected from dust or other contaminants?
Why you use acrylic glazing in your frames?
Is it safe to clean acrylic glazing?

Payment, Privacy & Terms

How do I buy and use a gift card?
Do you offer refunds?
Why does the discount code I entered not work?
I've provided my email address. How is it used?
Why am I required to provide my phone number with my order?