ManMade Art and Collective Arts Brewing Collaborate

ManMade Art for Guys 'Rhyme With No Reason' beer label for Collective Arts Brewing

ManMade Art for Guys is excited to announce that one our newest works has been selected to appear on Collective Arts Brewing's Series 5 bottles. Our 'Rhyme With No Reason' design was one of 83 amazing entries selected from over 1800 submission worldwide. Our special edition print will proudly adorn their bottle labels and will be available for sale in Ontario LCBO stores by mid-October 2015. 

We're in good company as submissions from as far away as Italy, Spain, Australia, UK, Germany, the US and of course, close to home and across Canada were selected as label artists. 

The back story

ManMade Art for Guys and Collective Arts Brewing shares similar philosophies. We both love beer, and we both aim to create unique and eclectic products that support and promote the arts. 

Collective Arts Brewing's bio states they are "a grassroots craft brewer based in Ontario that aims to fuse the creativity of craft beer with the inspired talents of emerging artists, musicians and filmmakers. Matt Johnston and Bob Russell founded Collective Arts Brewing on two beliefs: The first that creativity fosters creativity. And the second, that creativity yields delicious pints. Each of our beers is a work of art...featuring limited-edition works of art by artists and musicians that change every few months."

ManMade Art for Guys' mantra is to make art accessible to the average person who wants high quality art for their walls at an affordable price. When Collective Arts Brewing announced calls for entries for their Series 5 labels, we couldn't resist the temptation. The thought of our artwork chilling on a beer bottle in fridges across Ontario was too good to resist. 

Rhyme With No Reason

Our submission, entitled 'Rhyme With No Reason', was inspired by their Rhyme & Reason brew and the eclectic work of artists from around the world featured on their labels. We had fun with this piece combining an image of an antique typewriter with an original poem penned by us that, you guessed it, rhymes without reason. The whimsical poem and colourful typography contrasts the simple backdrop as it playfully rambles from the top of the label to bottom. We imagine the fun people will have reading the label and adding their own rhymes with each successive pint.

Order 'Rhyme With No Reason' now on our store 

The Launch Party

Collective Arts Brewing Series 5 Launch party at Toronto's Gladstone Hotel featuring ManMade Art for Guys label design

Collective Arts Brewing and Toronto's Gladstone Hotel hosted the Series 5 launch party. The Gladstone made a great venue since they have a long tradition of promoting the arts. From their website: "More like a gallery that never sleeps, we provide access to locally-made artworks 365 days per year.  Our exhibitions and cultural programs host hundreds of artists, designers, craftspeople, musicians, performances, literary projects and social change events".

The event was packed by artists and music lovers and featured Collective Arts Brewing on tap of course. Five live music acts played throughout the night headlined by Toronto's own Beams. It was our first chance to see Beams live and their eclectic mix of harmonies, combined with banjo, mandolin, lap steel guitar and singing saw didn't disappoint. 

The Beams playing at Collective Arts Brewing Series 5 launch party featuring artist like ManMade Art for Guys

Order our special edition 'Rhyme With No Reason' print now!

If you like eclectic art you can order our label 'Rhyme With No Reason' as a large format, high resolution print on our store now. It makes a great addition to the home of anyone with a sense of humour and appreciation for eclectic art. Of course you can buy  'Rhyme With No Reason' in bottled form too at LCBO outlets across Ontario but only for a limited time. Order a full size version from our store and you will enjoy it for years!

Order 'Rhyme With No Reason' now on our store 

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