Edmonton Eskimos-Inspired Football Art Print

Our Edmonton Eskimos-inspired art print was created to honour the history of one of Canada's oldest and most successful football cities. The current Eskimos were founded in 1949 yet clubs with the name date back as far as 1895. Today's Eskimos are the CFL's winningest franchise and still hold the league record for consecutive Grey Cup wins at five between 1978-1982.

The team's nickname was given to them by their bitter rivals to the south. Calgarians thought their northern neighbours lived in the far north and named them 'Esquimeaux' (for eskimo) even though they were obviously well south of the arctic. Eventually the name stuck because it came to represent strength and determination, not to mention the double E rolled off the tongue well.

The Inspiration behind our Edmonton Eskimos-inspired art print

Our 'Edmonton Eskimos-Inspired Football Art Print' celebrates the enduring history of Canada's brand of football and what it has meant to the province and nation. For over 150 years, football has played a prominent role in Canadian sports culture and teams from Edmonton have been major contributors. Our Edmonton Eskimos art print ties in the legacy of the team colours and uniforms to their home city with an antique map of Edmonton creating a unique collector piece for any Eskimos, CFL, or football fan in general.

Design Features
  • Heritage inspired design representing the Edmonton Eskimos CFL football team
  • Authentic antique map background of Edmonton
  • Designed with official team colours
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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