Montréal Alouettes-Inspired Football Art Print

Our Montréal Alouettes-inspired art print was created to honour the history of one of Canada's oldest and most resilient football cities. Canadian football can trace it's roots back to Montréal, dating to the 1850s. In 1868, the first written account of a football match was recorded between English troops stationed in Montreal and McGill University students. But the city and the Alouettes have had a checkered professional past as the team has twice folded and been revived. This resiliency, however, has helped today's Alouettes become one of the CFL's most successful franchises in recent history.

The Inspiration behind our Montréal Alouettes-inspired art print

Our 'Montréal Alouettes-Inspired Football Art Print' celebrates the enduring history of Canada's brand of football and what it has meant to the province of Québec and the nation. For over 150 years, football has played a prominent role in Canadian sports culture and teams from Montréal have been major contributors. Our Montréal Alouettes art print ties in the legacy of the team colours and uniforms to their home city with an antique map of Montréal creating a unique collector piece for any Alouettes, CFL, or football fan in general.

Design Features
  • Heritage inspired design representing the Montréal Alouettes CFL football team
  • Authentic antique map background of Montréal
  • Designed with official team colours
  • Maple leaf marks the location of the team's stadium
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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