Vintage Fishing Kit Art Print

Our 'Vintage Fishing Kit' art print features a collection of old fishing gear from the 1930s through 1950s. The kit a hiking angler would put together today hasn't changed much since—a rod, reel, small selection tackle, extra line, would all be packed into a compact shoulder bag. The materials used then were a mix of organics like canvas and cork, but new materials were emerging such as fibreglass and early plastics. And although the articles on our print are well-worn, that they survive all these years later is a testament to their durability.

The inspiration behind our Vintage Fishing Kit art print

One day a good friend was rummaging through his garage and brought out a collection of dusty old fishing gear he'd been given. As we began to sort through the collection, I was drawn to the well-worn look of the canvas kit. It wasn't in great shape but that was part of the allure as I could imagine it slung over its owner's shoulder as he hiked along a trail to his favourite fishing hole. Before long I was photographing the set and converting what my lens captured this art print. The result is a work that captures the character of the rods and makes an ideal piece for any angler or art lover.

Design Features
  • Photo illustration of a selection of vintage fishing gear dating from the 1930s, 40s and 50s
  • Available in two colours

Museum quality prints

  • Individually printed on heavy photo paper using a 9-colour ink process
  • Museum quality (Giclée) inks and paper won’t fade or yellow for at least 200 years

Ready to hang

  • Dry mounted on acid-free foam core stops warping or discolouration
  • Gallery-style, solid hardwood, 100% Canadian-made frames
  • Thick acrylic is as clear as glass yet won't break during shipping
  • Hanging hardware installed—ready to hang out of the box

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