Avro Mk. X Lancaster Bomber

The first Avro Lancaster entered WWII in March 1942. Thousands of Canadian airmen and ground crew served, and lost their lives, in the Canadian No. 6 Group of Bomber Command operating thirteen squadrons of Lancasters. Thousands more Canadians worked at Victory Aircraft in Malton (Toronto) producing 430 Lancaster Mk. Xs, between 1943 and 1945. The workhorse of WWII was capable of carrying bombs up to 22,000 lbs, in massive bombing convoys over Europe or to deliver precise raids on targets such as dams or warships.

The Inspiration behind our Mk X Lancaster Bomber Art Print

I am a longtime aircraft buff, WWII warplanes in particular. I am proud to have known a personal family friend that survived 50 missions in a 'Lanc' over Germany. This design was inspired by him. It is also drawn from my love of the great Depression era designer Lester Beal. The image of a Mk X flying against a dramatic black and white sky congers up images of anti-aircraft search lights in the night sky or rows upon rows of Lancasters filling the sky as they left England on raids.

Design Features
  • Photo illustration of an Avro Mk. X Lancaster Bomber
  • Simple, minimalist design inspired by Depression era artist Lester Beal
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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