F-86 Canadair Sabre Mk6 Art Print: Camo Version

Our F-86 Canadair Mk6 Sabre art print features one of the RCAF's first post-war jet aircraft. Built in Montreal, the Sabre's first battle commission was in the skies during the Korean War. By the end of production, over 1800 Sabres were built and sold to air forces around the world.

The inspiration behind our F-86 Canadair Sabre Mk6 Art Print

Versions of the Sabre, from Mk1-6, were flown by RCAF squadrons around the world up until the mid-1960s. I created this camouflage version in honour of my son's grandfather, a pilot with No. 3 Wing, 434 Squadron, based out of Zweibrücken, Germany in the late 1950s through early 1960s. He logged thousands of hours in a bird like this flying missions over the skies of Europe at the height of the cold war under NATO command.

The F-86 Canadair Sabre Mk6 Camouflage Version art print makes a great companion piece to our Golden Hawks version of the F-86 Canadair Sabre Mk6. It also makes the perfect addition to any aviation buff's art collection or collectors of vintage-inspired modern art decor. 

Design Features
  • Photo illustration of the F-86 Canadair Sabre Mk6 Art Print with camouflage markings
  • Set against a vintage 1950s era map of West Germany
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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