Indianapolis Colts-inspired Vintage NFL Art Print

Our Indianapolis Colts-inspired art print was created to honour the history of one of the NFL's original AFL teams. The Colts began play in 1953 in Baltimore and played there until 1983 before moving to Indianapolis. The team had mixed success until they drafted Peyton Manning in 1997. Manning led the team for 13 seasons, 11 playoff appearances, 8 conference championships and 2 Super Bowls.

The Inspiration behind our Indianapolis Colts-inspired art print

Our 'Indianapolis Colts-Inspired Football Art Print' celebrates the enduring history of this legendary football team and what it means to their fans. The design features one of the team's 1961–78 logo on a vintage helmet. The backdrop features an antique map of Indianapolis.

Design Features
  • Heritage-inspired design representing the Indianapolis Colts football team
  • Authentic antique map background of Indianapolis
  • Designed with a mix of official and vintage team colours
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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