Lyric-inspired Art Print: Ahead by a Century

Our ‘Ahead by a Century’ art print offers a simple, visual interpretation of the Tragically Hip’s 1996 classic song from their Trouble at the Henhouse album. I've always been amazed by The Hip's lyrics and their ability to attack the concept of love from an abstract, poetic angle. Everyone interprets their lyrics a little differently, but I've always felt the tune was about a childhood sweetheart relationships going sour. As we grow up, we change and grow apart, and sometimes it takes a major crisis to show us our differences. When it happens, it suddenly becomes real that the other is way ahead and already moved on. 

The inspiration behind our ‘Ahead by a Century’ Art print

The lyric which has always resonated most with me is tucked into the hornet's wings. "That's when the hornet stung me..." has always been a metaphor to me for that crisis moment in a relationship. The antique hornet illustration symbolizes the age of the relationship portrayed through the song. The honeycomb background speaks to the sweetness and innocence of the early stages of any relationship. 

This art print makes a great addition to any Tragically Hip fan’s collection or any art lover that appreciates musically-inspired artwork for their home decor.

Design Features
  • Antique illustration of a European Hornet common to North America 
  • Simple, minimalist typographic design that will stand the test of time
  • Individually printed giclee digital art print on heavy, high-quality archival grade paper

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