'Voyageur Beaver' Art Print

Can you think of a more iconic symbol of Canadiana than the beaver? Early French Canadian fur traders working for the Hudsons Bay Company and North West Company canoed inland thousands of kilometers in search of Castor Canadensis. These 'Voyageurs' become recognized and known by their distinctive red toques, worn to ward off the cold Canadian winter.

The inspiration behind our 'Voyageur Beaver' Art Print

When I started this piece, I didn't imagine it would turn out as it has. Maybe I painted a beaver wearing a bright red toque and flashing a peace sign through his wry expression because of my quirky sense of humour? Or, maybe it's my acknowledgment of changing cultural norms that led to the decline of the fur trade? Whatever the reason, I'd love to see the reaction a modern-day trapper would have when he came across a beaver flashing a peace offering.

Whatever my inspiration may have been, this pop-art piece should inspire you to add a little Canadensis to your walls.

Design Features
  • Makes a great addition to any room decor for fans of pop-art
  • Colourful illustrated rendering of a beaver with voyageur toque making a peace sign
  • Printed on high quality, archival grade matte photo paper for the sharpest resolution

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